Thermal Simulation

At Danotherm we have developed Thermal Models for all ALPHA, OHMEGA and Ceramic Wirewound Resistor types.

By means of this technology it is possible to choose an optimized resistor as the first choice. You can minimize the risk of break down when choosing a too small type and you do not have to “over engineer” to be sure that the resistor has sufficient load capability.

The internal temperature rise in the resistor and on the surface can be calculated by using a standard simulation program (e.g. P-Spice) for calculating an electric circuit. Danotherm provides specific individual models to customers for simulation. Alternatively, Danotherm offers to simulate with a customer specific load cycle.

A very useful application of Thermal Simulations is that they provide a basis for “software protection” of brake resistors. If the Thermal Model can be programmed into the control of the drive the temperature rise at any time will be known to the system and thus minimizing the risk of fault function.

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