100 years of Danish quality power resistors

Danotherm 100 year

2016 - 2018


Danotherm Electric A/S celebrates its 100-year anniversary. First established in 1919 in Frederiksberg, Denmark, Danotherm has become the world’s leading producer of power resistors for a broad range of electrical applications with distributors in 46 locations worldwide. Renewable energy from wind turbines or power savings by electrical motor drives are important applications for Danotherm resistors in 2019.

Founded in 1919 by electrician S. Samulevitz in Frederiksberg, Danotherm Electric still has a family member in a key position. A hundred years on, Technical Director Peter Mandel is the third generation of the family to play a leading role in the company. So much has happened for the company and its customers during that time. But one thing remains the same – the company’s determination to go the extra mile for its customers to ensure quality services and solutions.

Peter Mandel illustrates the point with a story about his great Uncle Samulevitz, “When he was hanging a chandelier, he would hang an umbrella from the ceiling hook to catch all the dust and debris during installation. He just thought things through with a little more care, and a perhaps a little more flair, because he wanted the quality of his service and his installations to stick in his customers’ minds.”

The company that is today’s Danotherm Electric still lists professionalism, proficiency and quality as its core values. And its engineers continue to excel at coming up with bespoke solutions that meet the needs of some very exacting clients. But the biggest difference is that today, they do it all over the world. In fact, today the company is present in 46 locations globally.

Growing into a global company is not so surprising given the company’s proven track record. Danotherm engineers continue to meet the growing market demands for ever more compact solutions capable of safely withstanding extreme power loads and temperature variations. As the market has developed, so has the company’s specialist knowledge, making it a repository of unique knowhow very few engineering companies can match.

Added to this, the company’s global presence helps reduce transport costs and cuts lead times – savings that Danotherm can pass on directly to their customers.

When Peter Mandels’ father, Hans Mandel took over from Samulevitz as the company’s CEO in the 1950s, the company was already making a name for itself in Denmark with its power resistors and rheostats. But Hans Mandel believed that the future of the company rested on its ability to expand beyond the Danish borders. He worked tirelessly to set up an export business, and because he was fluent in German, he made breaking into the German market his priority.

It took a lot of hard work, but eventually German customers realized that, in the words of Peter Mandel, “My father not only supplied them with exactly what they needed, but he could do it consistently on time and to budget.”

Meanwhile, the company was also making inroads into Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. In 1989 Peter and Michael H. Laursen bought into the company, and in 2006 Swedish engineering concern NIBE Industries AB acquired all shares in what was by now an international company. NIBE gave the growing company even greater resources to draw on, enabling it to expand into markets all over the world backed by innovative product solutions and professional support.

Today, Danotherm Electric boasts some of the market’s top engineers and experts in power resistors capable of tailoring solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies in power electronics, wind power and motion control. The future looks bright.

CEO Michael H. Laursen says, “As new technologies emerge, we continue to find more opportunities to serve our customers. So we are looking forward to the next 100 years with Danotherm.”

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