New 3phase style resistor CEH

Aluminium housed resistors


New aluminium housed resistor type CEH

New customer needs have resulted in a new innovative solution for 3-phase filter application. A new combined resistor of 3 individual resistors wound to same ohmic value and having same housing. This makes the handling easier and the design more compact. The new CEH profile is measuring H 50mm x W 140mm and any requested length L. The plane surfaces makes it ideal for mounting on a cooling plane, and if heat is very critical additional cooling fins can be mounted on top.

Salient features:

  • Very good thermal properties for optimum cooling
  • Small footprint
  • High power ranging from 300-1300W
  • Aluminium case for high IP rating IP50-IP65
  • Internal ceramic supported wirewound spirals for lower Ohm values
  • Nicke-Chrome 8020 alloy for low thermal drift

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