New product - CMQ

Compact Alpha Power Resistor, CMQ

The CMQ Compact Alpha Power Resistor has a very high pulse load capability for 1 second exceeding even more than 380 times the nominal load power (depending on resistor type and ohm value).

This makes the CMQ ideal for high pulse load application like LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) and other high dump loads from drive applications.

Danotherm use sophisticated simulation models that predict the behavior of the power resistors under given load conditions. This shortens your design time and secures high reliability.

We customize the resistor to your exact need. We have standard solutions for 1 up to 4 profiles combined in one compact configuration. Customer specific solutions are on demand.

Depending on the electrical connection, the IP protection class ranges from IP 20 to IP 65. Connection can be box, DIN-rail terminals or cable version. We also offer this type of resistor in high voltage style. 

CMQ with box, danotherm

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