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Danotherm’s sister company ATE Electronics, releases the next power level thick film resistor PR800. This new resistor has 30% higher power capability compared to the latest PR600 with the same footprint of 57(65) x 60mm.

The terminals (M5x8) are optimized for easy and secure connection.

Thick film resistors are used in many low and medium voltage filter applications because of their compact design, low inductance (typically 80nH) and maximum working voltage (up to 5kV). The resistor is offered in the E12 range from 1R0 to 1M0. For other (non-standard or outside range) values, please contact our sales team.

Samples are available, full mass production is planned end Summer 2019.

datasheet PR800 Pdf, 226.4 kB, opens in new window.

PR800 thick film power resistor

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