Stock available resistors


Aluminium housed resistors from Alpha series, available from stock.

When in urgent need of power resistors you may find our standard stock resistors of interest. 44 Resistors in 6 different housing, 6 power ratings and 12 Ohmic values, we keep on stock. The Ohmic values range from 10-470R and nominal power from 75-525W.

The resistors can be used for fast prototyping, where lead time is of importance. During the prototyping process you may find a different ohmic value would better fit your application. In such case, we can be manufacture these with our standard lead time. Optional is a thermal switch that is offered as a kit to be fitted onto the resistor.

The stock resistors are offered through our distributor network. They are single packed for easy shipping and packing. Please, contact your local distributor for more information..

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