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Aluminium housed resistors


Improved Ingress protection on aluminium housed resistors

A new technology is about to take place in our production of brake resistors. The case housing end will be welded tight instead of cemented. This will result in better component performance regarding ingress protection.

Industrial robots are also revolutionizing our manufacturing, due to the normal production time of a cemented process that needs days of evaporation and several hours of oven curing. We can now look into a shorter and less power consuming process – which both benefits the environment but indeed also customer satisfactory when we can deliver even faster due to this new technology.

As they become smarter, faster and affordable advanced robotics can deliver flexibility and adaptability to fast-changing customer needs. This is the key for Danotherm to implement robotics since a large part of our buisness model is to develop new custom made products faster.

The Future might also bring more help as the robots can be taking on other tasks - such as picking and packaging, testing and inspecting products.

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