Wirewound and Bus & Truck resistors

Danotherm 100 year

2016 - 2018


Two updated brochures; Wirewound resistors and Bus & Truck brake resistors

Danotherm has revised the brochures for the ceramic wirewound resistors and for the Bus & Truck brake resistors.

The brochure on wirewound resistors and modules has been expanded with 4 pages extra to show in a better way the electrical and mechanical parameters and accessories. The Modules (Sigma range) are available in 6 different pre-arranged types for easy selection.

The Bus & Truck range has been expanded. The water cooled brake resistors are now offered in three DN diameter sizes and in different lengths. In total there are 16 different mechanical sizes. Ohmic values range from 0R2 to 12R, depending on size and power.

brochure ceramic wirewound resistors and modules Pdf, 2.9 MB, opens in new window.

brochure Bus & Truck water cooled brake resistors Pdf, 400.7 kB, opens in new window.

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