CCH, CAH, CAR aluminium housed resistors

Salient features

  • Power 100 - 410W
  • Overload factor 4-25xPn @ 5s
  • Working voltage 690VAC / 850VDC
  • Dielectric insulation voltage (50Hz, 1 min) 3500V
  • Protection degree IP50 / IP54 / IP65
  • Ohmic range¬†2R0 - 2000R


These resistors belong to the lower power ratings of the aluminium housed types. They are mostly used in DC-links for charging and de-charging and in small inverter drives systems as brake resistor. CCH can be mounted on a (water) cooled plate to increase the nominal power. CAR has cooling fins to optimize heat transfer to the ambient air. The nominal power ranges from 60-440W, maximum working voltage is 690VAC/850VDC, pulse load values depend on Ohmic value and range between 4 to 25 x Pnominal at a 5 seconds square load.


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