Ventilator cooled resistors

Load banks

Main parameters

Nominal voltage
Number of steps and power rating per step
Type of ventilation: natural convection or forced air
Mounting position: horizontal or vertical (forced air only)

Additional parameters

Thermal drift: the difference in ohmic value of the resistor elements between cold and hot condition.

Ingress protection degree, IP20 / IP21 / IP23
Auxiliary components

Enclosures can be made of galvanized steel DX51D+Z275-M-A-E, mild steel painted in any RAL color or stainless steel types AISI 304 or AISI 316.


Load banks are used for testing equipment such as (emergency) generators and UPS systems or also as dummy loads to maintain the generator at a minimum temperature.

Load banks are offered from a few kW up to 10MW and from working voltages of a few hundred volts up to 36kV.

Load banks are built from several steel-grid building-blocks making it easy to split up the load bank into (many) smaller loads.

Load banks are made for both indoor and outdoor use in IP classes up to IP 23. Higher IP ratings are problematic as it becomes more difficult to dissipate heat.


forced air cooled power resistor

Traction brake resistors

Salient features

Railway standards:

IEC 60322:2001
IEC 61373:2010
UNE-EN 50124-1:2001
UNE-EN 50125-1:2001
ANSI/IEC 60529:2004


Brake resistors for Railway applications can be positioned on the roof, under the frame or inside the vehicle in a special compartment. Traction brake resistors are constructed according legislation and international directives. They are always customized and tailored to the ambient conditions such as air temperature, humidity, mechanical forces and dimensions. Test for homologation on vibration, fire and smoke and humidity are performed at external test facilities close to the factory.


forced air cooled power resistor

Ventilator cooled type TRV

Salient features

  • Power 50 - 275kW
  • Overload factor 7xPn @5s
  • Working voltage 1000VAC/1400VDC
  • Dielectric strength 50Hz 1 min. 3500V
  • Protection degree IP65 / IP66
  • Cooling method forced air


TRV resistors are high power, forced air cooled resistors, suitable to be used in harsh environments. Protection degree is IP65 / IP66. The power ranges from 50 – 275 kW. TRV units are fitted with 2 or with 4 strong ventilators to cool the resistor elements. The unit can be as a single resistor group or with multiple groups, in various electrical topologies. Applications are brake resistors on cranes in harbor or deck winches.


forced air cooled power resistor

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