• Renewable energy
  • Marine
  • Automation
  • Traction
  • E-Mobility
  • Energy generation
  • Mining and excavation
  • Oil and gas

Designing efficiency

In order to preserve the reliability and stability of the grid, strict rules must be adhered to. The government or local energy companies can set these regulations.

In case of grid failures, the power installations like wind and gas turbines must deal with this situation. They cannot feed the generated energy into the mains, and that same energy must be diverted into a resistor. Other applications are filter resistors or neutral earthing resistors (NER) in distribution grids. Filter resistors help to improve the quality of the grid. NER's protect local distribution grids against high fault currents.

Danotherm offers different types of resistors suitable for this industry, ranging from conventional wire wound and aluminum-housed wire wind, high overload resistors to modern liquid-cooled, high overload, sand-filled resistors. HV applications typically employ steel grid blocks and or HV wire-wound resistors to form the foundations for neutral earthing and filtering applications.


  • Filter
  • Neutral earthing
  • Load bank

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