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Liquid equals higher power ratings

Liquid-cooled resistors use water or a coolant for heat dissipation. As liquids have a higher density than air, this allows liquids to have a higher heat-carrying capacity. Thus, liquid cooling is used for resistors with higher power ratings.

The power ratings for Danotherm liquid-cooled resistors range from 6 to 1450 kilowatts.

Liquid-cooled Danotherm resistors use water or ionized water as the coolant. By adding glycol the working temperature range and lifetime of the resistor are expanded.

Liquid-cooled Danotherm resistors have aluminum or steel housings. Depending upon the environmental conditions, two types of steel (AISI304 or AISI316) can be used for the resistor housings. Danotherm manufactures resistors with a range of mechanical sizes for different applications. Temperature and pressure sensors are available as options. Protection ratings for the resistors range from IP50 to IP66.

Liquid-cooled Danotherm resistors have many uses, such as brake resistors, filter resistors, energy dumping resistors and marine applications.

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