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Convection cooled power resistors

from few watts till 100kW.

The cooling methods available on Danotherm resistors include self-cooled, liquid-cooled, ventilator-cooled, and heat sink cooled.

Convection-cooled resistors are available in ratings of up to 100 kW and use natural convection for cooling. Natural convection occurs when there is no external source of airflow, such as a fan. Self-cooled resistors are suited to applications where other cooling methods are not available or are difficult to provision.

The performance of convection-cooled resistors can be improved with forced-air cooled. Fans or blowers can increase airflow through the resistor to help achieve greater power handling capacity. The natural air-cooled resistor is ideal for pulse load applications with short cycles and high power levels, like energy dump and charging or discharging applications.

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