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Safety is our top priority

The most eco-friendly way to deal with regenerated energy is to either store it in batteries or capacitor banks or immediately consume the energy somewhere else. Batteries and capacitor banks are expensive devices, and, especially on vessels, it is not always possible to consume the regenerated energy somewhere else. In such cases, the only alternative is to dissipate the excess energy in a (brake) resistor that converts the electrical energy into heat.

The requirements for brake resistors on vessels vary based on cooling method; Convection cooled, forced air-cooled, or liquid-cooled. Resistor materials vary based on environmental conditions; outside on a deck or indoors in a climate-controlled room.

Danotherm offers brake resistors for marine applications in the three mentioned cooling systems composed of various materials to fulfill the requirements. Danotherm has supplied hundreds of liquid-cooled high-power brake resistors in this industry. The design and precautions to be able to work in this climate make them reliable on robust.

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  • Brake resistors for propulsion, deck machinery, steering
  • Brake resistors for DP (Dynamic Positioning)
  • Brake resistors for Z-direction compensation (ref. Pioneering Spirit, largest ship in the world for de-commissioning oil platforms)

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