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Tomorrowing today

The most eco-friendly way to deal with this regenerated energy is to either store it in batteries or capacitor banks or immediately consume the energy somewhere else. Batteries and capacitor banks are expensive devices, and it is not always possible to consume the regenerated energy somewhere else. In such cases, and for safety backup systems, the excess energy dissipates in a (brake) resistor that converts the electrical energy into heat.

Brake resistors are one aspect of automated systems. Resistors safely charge and discharge the energy stored in the capacitor banks in most electronic controllers. Danotherm resistors protect electronic circuits against harmful voltage spikes when the electronic switches operate. They are also used in filters to improve energy quality and either make the system less susceptible to voltage disturbances or make sure any disturbance does not influence other systems.

Danotherm has supplied many resistors in various styles. Ranging from conventional wire wound resistors to modern water cooled, aluminum housed, sand filled, high overload resistors.
For most Danotherm resistors, thermal models are available, allowing optimized designs.


  • Brake resistors
  • Inrush current limiters
  • Discharge resistors
  • Voltage sharing resistors

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