Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions

Steel tube resistors type PCG and GxxRT from Danotherm are high-power devices that consist of multiple steel tubes welded together into a frame. The resistive element is an active wire that resides inside the steel tube. Typical materials used in the tube include magnesium oxide, which has excellent thermal and electrical properties.

Nominal power ratings for Danotherm steel tube resistors range from 1 to 32 kW. The working voltages are up to 1000 VAC / 1400 VDC. The resistors cool via natural convection.

A thermal switch is provided as a standard feature for thermal protection. Protection grid for preventing direct contact with hot surfaces and moisture protection are available as options.

All steel tube resistors are IP65 rated and are suited to harsh industrial environments involving marine and harbor applications. They are widely used in elevators, cranes, brakes, and winches.

  • Power ratings: 1 to 32 kW
  • Overload: up to 10 times nominal power for 5 seconds
  • Operating voltage: 1000 VAC / 1400 VDC
  • IP65
  • Convection-cooled

We also offer forced air-cooled steel tube resistors, type TRV up to 275kW

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