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Ventilator cooled resistors

Our power resistors are available with different cooling methods that are suited to various applications.

Whereas convection-cooled resistors rely on natural airflow, a resistor with ventilator-based cooling uses active elements such as fans and blowers within the housing to force air across the heated resistor elements for improved heat dissipation.

Danotherm manufactures the following three types of ventilator-cooled resistors:

  • Load banks come with steel-grid building blocks that make splitting up into smaller loads easier. Power ratings range from a few kilowatts up to Megawatts. Voltage ratings range from the low hundreds up to 36 kilovolts. Load banks are used for generator / UPS testing and as dummy loads for generators. Designed to be used outdoors and indoors, load banks are available in housings with an IP23 protection rating.
  • Traction resistors are designed for railway systems. In trains or substations, they are used to resist traction. Typical applications are brake resistors for charging and for damping and filtering. Typical power ratings range from 100kW to 1MW. The voltage ratings range from few kV to 25kV. Traction resistors are available in housings with protection ratings from IP00 to IP23. •
  • Typically appropriate for use in harsh environments. Ingress protection ratings for TRV resistor housings include IP65 and IP66. The power ratings range from 50 to 275 kilowatts. The working voltage for TVR resistors is 800 V and optional 1000V. TRV resistors are used as brake resistors on cranes and deck winches

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