Natural air cooled Wire wound resistors

Danotherm Electric manufactures a wide range of power resistors that suit different cost, power, pulse overload and environmental protection requirements.

Ceramic wire wound resistors from Danotherm feature an active wire, wound around a ceramic core. The choice of the alloy for the active wire and the material for the core is optimized according to the electrical requirements.

Power ratings for round/oval-shaped wire wound resistors range from 15 W to 1000 W. For high-voltage applications, the resistors can be mounted on insulated plates to improve high dielectric capabilities. Resistors with custom designs and assemblies are available on request.

The Sigma series of modular resistors supports 180 W to 5 kW nominal power ratings. An optional thermostat provides overtemperature protection. UL-approved Sigma resistors are available on request.

Protection rating for Danotherm Sigma series is IP21.

Typical applications include filters, charging/discharging circuits, and brake resistors.

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