Market segments

Danotherm resistors are used in many different market segments. If you wish our support in selecting the right resistor, please contact us or one of our distributors in your area.


Brake resistors for on-deck winches and charge and de-charge resistors systems to support the increasing electrification of electrical systems on board.

Oil & Gas

Especially in Oil & Gas, drive systems and their accompanied brake resistor must be fit to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Salt air, high humidity and strong vibration determine the type of resistor that can be used. Danotherm offers robust steel tube resistors in IP66 protection grade in natural air cooled or as forced air cooled.

Amusement rides

It is all about the fun, but safety first. No need to argue about the braking system on an amusement ride. It must be 100% reliable. Danotherm offers compact, high energy, natural cooled, brake resistors.

Mining & Excavation

Stopping a 1MW transport belt with multiple tons of minerals on it is like stopping a train. Danotherm supplies brake resistors for conveyor belts and for excavation machines.

Energy generation

Gas turbines require a minimum electrical load to keep the turbine in shape. Load banks take this energy and load the turbine when there is to little energy consumption. Dump resistors are used in case of a fault, for instance when voltage dips in the grid occur. During the short time the grid cannot take the energy, it is dissipated in the dump resistor.


In some major cities only 100% electrical busses are allowed. The electrification of busses has found its way here too. The necessary brake resistor is a vital part of the drive system. Danotherm offer water cooled brake resistors for busses and trucks.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy plays an increasing role in our world. Fossil fuels resources are decreasing while the need for energy is increasing. Wind turbines and solar energy plants harvest natures natural energy.


Traction brake resistors and onboard auxiliary system that require resistors for charging and discharging electrical circuits. Danotherm offer resistors for different applications on board of trains in different techniques.

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