WHHB High power resistors

Salient features

  • High Voltage resistor
  • Power 15 - 25kW
  • Working voltage 4.7kVAC / 6.6kVDC
  • Dielectric insulation voltage (50Hz, 1 min) 20kV
  • Protection degree IP65
  • Cooling method¬†de-ionised water / de-ionised water + glycol


WHHB resistors consist of a aluminium housing with inside the active resistor wire which is directly in contact with the cooling liquid. The cooling liquid must be de-ionised water. Glycol may be added as long as the conductivity of the liquid stays below 2 microS/cm. WHHB resistors are used in high voltage systems, mostly as filters.


Liquid cooled power resistor

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